Het was een mooie dag geweest. Het team had een strak programma in elkaar gedraaid, met inspirerende sprekers, leuke break-out sessies, op een bijzondere locatie, top catering was ook een 'check' en het publiek was ronduit enthousiast. Het kon niet beter zijn gegaan.


Nu de zaal zo goed als leeg was, bleef er 1 vraag hangen 'hoe communiceren we wat hier vandaag is gebeurd met de mensen die er niet bij konden zijn?' 




Het event staat op het punt van beginnen. Ergens in de zaal sta ik achter een groot vel papier. Klaar om alle indrukken van de dag 'on the spot' vast te leggen op het papier. De dag vordert, de visual vordert. Deelnemers komen af en toe langs en nemen snapshots.

Aan het einde van de dag zijn de indrukken van de dag vastgelegd op een meterslange tekening, 100% uniek. En dan? Met de visual krijg je 'tips and tricks' hoe je de visual kunt gebruiken met storytelling. Wedden dat jouw verhalen over de dag dan wel blijven hangen? Zeker als je de visual ook nog eens een mooie plek geeft op jouw locatie, blijft de dag in je geheugen hangen en biedt de visual iedere dag weer een nieuwe bron van inspiratie.

En ja ... dat is handig!



Barcelona - July 2016 - Venue : W BARCELONA

We had the idea to have our speakers’ presentations captured as a visual at one of our conferences. We were familiar with this type of work, but have never done it before. A colleague referred us to Edwin, and the minute I reached out to him, I knew I was dealing with a professional artist.

Trying to coordinate the details of an event by distance can be challenging, especially if you’ve never met the artist you’re planning to hire and that artist lives on the other side of the ocean! Communication was key for us! I needed to fully understand what Edwin creates; how he creates; could he tailor it to our needs and what tools did he require since we were both travelling by distance to the conference host city and needed to plan accordingly.

Needless to say, regardless of our time zone difference, Edwin was quick to respond to every email – providing me with enough details that I understood what to expect on-site. I guess you could say, in our communications, he painted a complete picture for me! I had complete trust in his execution and I trusted everything would go smoothly on-site.

When we finally met, I knew we had hired the perfect artist for our vision. He made it seamless for us, and the audience was mesmerized by his creations! We were so proud to have his work on display for the rest of the conference, as our participants had a chance to study them and take pictures of them. The whole purpose of the visuals, for us, was to ensure the speakers’ presentations resonated with our attendees at our conference beyond their time on stage. And Edwin’s visuals did just that! He managed to capture insightful content and intriguing storytelling for our attendees through his creative skills, and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for adding to the experience of our conference, and for sharing your creativity with us, Edwin!

Maria Cefali - Manager, Event Marketing - Investors Group Financial Services Inc.